Short Stories

Please feel free to make your way down this page, ladies and gents, because as of this writing (August 8, 2018) there are 13 short stories here. However, you have to scroll far down at the moment because I cannot get the WordPress formatting to cooperate with me. Once I can design it properly, you won’t have to wear out your thumb on your little mouse wheel as much. Bear with me while I figure this out!

~~~Steve G.

When an alien attack causes worldwide panic and chaos, a man named Nigel Pynchon finds himself searching for the answer to one question: WHY CAN’T HE SEE THE INVADERS?




A lonely young man meets a mysterious woman who loves him purely and unconditionally…but is there a hidden cost for her devotion?




A high school janitor discovers a student in the building after he has locked up for the night. However, as he pursues the youth, it becomes apparent that his presence here has a bigger purpose than just a mere prank.




A sewer dweller comes to the surface with a taste for human flesh. Meanwhile, the detective investigating the cannibal murders discovers the killer has ties to his past.




An “anti-TWILIGHT” vampire story, this tale is a down and dirty, grungy look at the life of the undead. There is nothing romantic about Eric Strand’s conversion or his views on the life of the undead, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable to read.




A young man shares a train compartment with a woman who looks at the floor and cries for the majority of the trip. When she finally speaks up, the young man discovers a horrifying truth about her.




A young college student believes five of his classmates have been possessed by demons. He goes to their cabin with the intention of preventing these monsters from breaking into our world…but is he really a hero, or a delusional madman?




A young man hears a voice telling him to kill his family…but is he going insane, or is there something more supernatural at work?





Megan was working the evening shift when her former high school classmate David stopped by to visit. He’d been the class misfit and social outcast, but Megan always enjoyed his company (despite the ribbing she got for it from her “in-crowd” friends). However, on this night, she would learn something during David’s visit that would change her life forever.




He floats through the New York City night, thinking about his marriage and sifting through his memories to figure out where things went wrong. He thinks about his mistress, a fresh but loveless thrill. He thinks about a solution that, while desperate, seems to be the only one he has.

And all this while he wanders, buried deep in the city of flickering lights.



He had a brilliant idea, an answer to the question: “How can we bring about world peace?” He told people he had the solution, but no one would listen. No one EVER wanted to listen to him. They thought he was a joke, someone they could just brush aside.

If he wanted their attention, then he had to do something…extreme.




Detective Steve Amos was on medical leave, enjoying a ride west on a Greyhound bus. It was a pleasant, unexpected vacation.

However, he found himself on the job again when, during a stop in the middle of nowhere, one of the passengers is murdered.





Somewhere beneath the surface of the Earth, there is a village where magic is as common as cars, computers, cell phones, and smog is to the people who live above ground. This is where our nameless narrator has grown up. There is no hatred, no jealousy, no racism, no war. He and his people seem to live in a state of eternal bliss.

But as we soon discover, even Paradise can have problems.