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He was lost, directionless, unable to find his identity or purpose in this world. He thought he found it in her, which was good because he was teetering on the brink of madness.

Then she pushed him over the edge…

This is a story about the dangers of depending on others for your sense of self-worth, taken to the extreme. It is a dark story, not meant for the faint of heart. The graphic content makes up only 15% of the prose, but it is some of the most harrowing writing ever committed to page.

Many of us want to be something we’re not: taller, muscular, handsome, wealthier, popular. Sometimes, those wishes can come true, and sometimes they can backfire. That is exactly what happens to the nameless narrator of THE SIZE CURSE, a book that crosses the unexplained human-to-cockroach transformation in Kafka’s METAMORPHOSES with the “body horror” genre of director David Cronenberg.

Once he is stricken by the curse, the young man is unable to go outside. He needs to keep inventiving ways to overcome his limitations while lamenting the fact that, as each day passes, human interaction was already becoming a thing of the past. Unfortunately for him, the size curse has accelerated this trend. His search for (and inability to find) answers to his curse leads him to take a desperate action, which has a very tragic and life-altering outcome.

For better or worse, you will not read a lot of books like THE SIZE CURSE.